If you haven’t heard of us, we’re the largest private dental practice in the NYC/LI metro area! Our 10 conveniently located dental super-centers offer 24-hr emergency service, family dental appointments, dental insurance, and we speak over 22 languages!

But that’s not why our patients love us- the fact of the matter is we offer honest and affordable prices. And because we know it’s not always easy paying for insurance, we offer our own dental insurance plans for individuals and families alike (download the brochure here).

Now that you know what we do, we’d like to show you who we are:

Health First Columbian Independence Day Festival in Queens

Saturday’s temperature hit 100 degrees and in spite of the brutal heat Kat, Kathy, and Bob set up and manned a terrific information table at the Health First Columbian Independence Day festival in Queens.   Several hundred people showed up and we made a lot of new friends.   By the end of the day I heard that people were actually dancing in this heat!  

Thank you team for doing such a good job – in spite of the heat you were the “hottest” looking people there!

American Dental: Health First Columbian Independence Day in Queens
Health First Columbian Independence Day in Queens


CSEA Union Summer Party on Long Island, NY

Elizabeth and Dr. Phil then visited the CSEA Union summer party in Long Island.  Nick LaMorte (pictured here) is the regional president and had lavish compliments about American Dental and expecially Temis’ team in Commack.    He’s a fun guy who is very humble and never wants to be treated any differently than anyone else.   Once a dental coward he’s had several implants and a sinus lift done by the pros in our Commack office.   We had a nice presentation table at their picnic and Temis and Jessica added their own special radiance to the presentation.   


Elizabeth & Dr. Phil at the CSEA Union summer party in Long Island
Elizabeth & Dr. Phil at the CSEA Union summer party in Long Island with regional president Nick LaMorte


Hicksville Summer Festival

Hicksville Summer Festival
Carmen, Kathy, Elizabeth, and Isabel (the ‘dream girls’) provided a glamorous welcome to the people at the festival – and a special thanks for helping all day to that debonair looking guy in the sharp yellow shirt our own Eddy!


Sunday we helped the town of Hicksville celebrate their summer festival.  We gave out toothbrushes, tattoos, raffled a video camera, and told everyone about how we are moving the office to our new center in September. Hundreds of people visited our table and were happy to hear about our grand opening.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce made a point of bringing over all of the councilmen and women to meet us – everyone extended  their well wishes and offered to help. This is a nice family town that considers us to be an important feature of the established community. Thank you everyone!