What is pre-medicating? What do artificial joints have to do with dental treatment? Why is this related to my overall health and not just oral health?
Good questions! And we are going to clear a few things up right now so that you feel completely informed when it comes to your future dental procedures. Although artificial joints can seem like a far cry from concerns with your dental health, the two may actually be more related than one may think. When it comes to artificial joints, there is an increased risk of an infection due to the inorganic material in the body that should be taken into consideration. This is true from the time of placement, but it may also play a role with future medical treatments. It has long been suggested that pre-medicating be should be a standard prerequisite to dental and other procedures, but what is pre-medicating and why would it help?

Pre-medicating is the act of giving medication prior to a medical or dental procedure, which is done with the intention of staying ahead of potential infection problems. The theory is that bacteria from the mouth can enter the blood stream, and this could pose as a problem to those with artificial joints who are already more susceptible to infection. Pre-medication is meant to help mitigate this risk prior to the procedure to keep your overall health in check from start to finish.
Sounds simple – what’s the problem?

Well, the thing with pre-medications it that it does not appear to be necessary, nor accomplish what it’s intended to! In fact, the ADA directly states ““In general, for patients with prosthetic joint implants, prophylactic antibiotics are not recommended prior to dental procedures to prevent prosthetic joint infection.” There is evidence that dental procedures are not associated with prosthetic joint implant infections, along with the fact that there is evidence to suggest that there are potential harms in medicating when not completely necessary and they do not outweigh the benefits of pre-medication. In some individual cases, there may absolutely be exceptions; however, as a rule pre-medication is not a necessary prerequisite for effective dental treatments.
So how do my artificial joints aeffect my dental treatment?

For the most part your artificial joints may not affect treatments at all! Please be sure to let us know if you have artificial joints, or any out of the ordinary medical circumstances, and we will be sure to take them into consideration when it comes to developing your treatment plan. That being said, for the most part, your artificial joints will not require special treatment on your end – we can treat you as we would any other patient to keep your smile looking sharp!

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